Guidelines for Wearing Masks in Los Angeles When Going Outside

wearing masks in los angeles

As of May 14, Los Angeles residents are now required to wear masks when going outside for any tasks. This new rule by Mayor Eric Garcetti is meant to be a new step in slowing the spread of the virus while allowing people to do more things. Sure, this might seem frustrating. However, wearing masks in Los Angeles outside is key if you want to resume certain aspects of everyday life.

Wearing Masks in Los Angeles

Although you should be careful and wear one everywhere, the guidelines for wearing masks have a few specific points. You should be wearing masks in Los Angeles when:

  • Visiting any retail business, even if you are only getting curbside pickup or takeout;
  • Exercising or working out outdoors, be that in your neighborhood, a hiking trail, the beach, or a golf course;
  • Riding on public transportation, including Los Angeles Department of Transportation transit buses, Metro buses, Metro trains, Metrolink trains, and other shuttles and buses;
  • Traveling through the Los Angeles International Airport.

People exempt from these guidelines are those with certain disabilities and children under the age of two.

Mask Upkeep

A good way to be practical and efficient throughout this pandemic is to get a reusable cloth mask that you can properly keep. In order to make sure that your mask is effective throughout repeated uses, keep the following upkeep tips in mind. 

  • Wash your cloth mask frequently, if possible, after each use, or at least daily.
  • Keep your mask separate from the rest of your laundry until you are able to wash it.
  • If you wear it again before washing them, make sure to wash your hands immediately after putting it back on. Also, avoid touch your face.
  • If your mask can no longer cover your nose and mouth, if the straps are stretch out or damaged, if there are tears on the fabric, or if the mask can’t stay on your face, discard it and get a new one.

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