Break the Monotony of Quarantine With These Socially Distant Road Trip Ideas

road trip ideas

We are all pretty tired of this social distancing thing. It’s understandable! We are currently unable to see most of the people in our lives in person, we are cooped up in our homes with only trips to the grocery store breaking through the routine, and we are running out of stuff to watch to keep ourselves entertained. However, this is definitely going to keep going for a while. This is why we have to find ways to adapt, have fun, and keep ourselves sane in order to break through the monotony. Are you running out of ideas? How about some of these socially distant road trip ideas?

Socially Distant Road Trip

What is a socially distant road trip, you ask? Well, as the name implies, it’s a way for you and those you are quarantining with to enjoy some time out of town. This can mean you and your roommates, your partner, or your family. Since you share a living space, you can’t exactly socially distance yourself from them. This means that, if any of you have a car, there’s no problem with spending an extended amount of time with them in it. 

If you are feeling stuck and trapped in your home or your neighborhood, head out for a while. We are in Southern California, after all! There are so many different places in relative proximity! A trip up or down the coast can lead to beautiful views, calming cliffside beaches, and open parks where it’s easy to remain socially distant from others. Away from the coast, however, you can still find wonderful forests and gorgeous state parks to go for a hike and explore a new environment.

A Few Ideas

Here are a few places near Los Angeles that you can visit with your household. These are just a relatively short car ride for your own convenience.

  • Angeles National Forest (near Pasadena)
  • Point Mugu State Park (near Thousand Oaks)
  • Los Padres National Fores (near Los Padres National Forest)
  • Sequoia National Forest (near Bakersfield)
  • Joshua Tree National Park (near Palm Springs)
  • Crystal Cove State Park (near Laguna Beach)

Wherever you end up going, remember to keep respecting social distancing rules. After all, these road trip ideas are meant to give you a break from monotony. Don’t get yourself or others in danger. If we want things to return to relative normalcy, we’ll have to keep making an effort to maintain social distance and be responsible. In the meantime, however, get out of town for a day! There’s still so much to do outside your apartment. As Jack Kerouac said, “there’s nowhere to go but everywhere.”

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