Socially-Distant Plan to Avoid Feeling Cooped Up

socially-distant plan

If you’ve been feeling cooped up because of the state at home orders, then you are probably overdue for a socially-distant plan. These don’t have to be extravagant or weird, they just need to break with the monotony of quarantine. If you get some fresh air and a trip outside, even better! Let’s go over what you can do.

Order Pickup from a Local Restaurant

Now, you’re probably pretty tired of cooking. Sure, baking bread from scratch was fun at first, but it’s getting tiring. So, in order to break the monotony, you’ll first need to pick a good spot for some food. Los Angeles is well known for its food scene, so you have plenty of options to look through. The Silver Lake area, in particular, is home to all sorts of nice restaurants offering food from all over the world. If you are having trouble picking one out, you can browse through some of our favorites here at Silverlandia. Once you’ve picked a nice place, order online for delivery or takeout if you are heading out anyway.

Find a Nice Park for a Socially-Distant Plan

You’re probably spending way too much time at home. If you’re getting food to make the day special, why not go all the way? Get some fresh air and make it into a picnic! Before going out to pick up your food, grab a blanket, maybe a bottle of something, and pick out a park. Griffith Park is always the obvious choice., but there are plenty of other parks in the area that work just as well. Bellevue Park in the hills of Silver Lake provides you with a beautiful view of the city. Meanwhile, the Silver Lake Meadows has a nice little view of the reservoir. The Cerritos Park on the edge of Atwater Village is a little closed off spot that can give your picnic some privacy. Spaces for a socially-distant plan are all around you.

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