The Best Silver Lake Tacos Can Be Found in Tacos Delta

silver lake tacos

You can ask any Mexican person about where the best tacos are found and most of them will be on the same page. They might not agree with the specific spot, but they will at least agree one thing. You don’t find the best tacos in fancy restaurants or fast-food chains; they will be out in the street stands, carts, food trucks, and hole-in-the-wall spots. That is why if you are looking for the best Silver Lake tacos, head over to the intersection of Sunset Boulevard and Lucille Avenue, a few steps east of Hyperion. Here, you will find Tacos Delta, a spot well-known for the best chilaquiles in town and, yes, some of the most delicious tacos in Los Angeles.

Tacos Delta

Under normal circumstances, the wonderful little locale of Tacos Delta is an ideal place to enjoy their food. The colorful stand immediately delights the eye, catching your attention as much as your hunger. Their adjacent outdoor dining room is quaint and cute, lending to the atmosphere. Sounds pretty good, right? Well, wait until you see the menu! Their burritos are to die for. As previously mentioned, their chilaquiles are famous city-wide. Oh, and don’t forget their breakfast plates, which combine all sorts of Mexican classics to fix you up for a great start to your day. And their tacos? Our words won’t do them any justice. You’ll have to head over and try them yourself.

Order the Best Silver Lake Tacos

So, are you looking to order some of the best Silver Lake tacos? In conclusion, Tacos Delta will be the place to go. If you’d like to enjoy them at home, you can conveniently order from them via Postmates. On the other hand, if you feel like leaving the house for a moment, you can head over to their stand on Sunset and Lucille to order some delicious tacos for pickup. Trust us, their food will have to be tried to be believed.

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