Enjoy Yuca’s, the Best Place for Mexican in Los Feliz

mexican in los feliz

If you head down Hillhurst in Los Feliz, you will spot the quaint little stand known as Yuca’s. This signature locale for Mexican in Los Feliz is a wonderful place to grab a late breakfast, a quick lunch, or an early dinner. Their enticing menu is full of Mexican classics, such as burritos, tacos, and tortas. However, you can also enjoy a selection of hamburgers, hot dogs, and sandwiches. What better place to treat yourself to some delicious street food?

Visit Yuca’s

You can ask any Mexican person about where the best tacos are found and most of them will be on the same page. They might not agree with the specific spot, but they will at least agree one thing. However, you don’t find the best tacos in fancy restaurants or fast-food chains; they will be out in the street stands, carts, food trucks, and hole-in-the-wall spots. That’s a truism that proves to be as accurate in Mexico City as it is in Los Angeles. That’s one of the things that makes Yuca’s Mexican in Los Feliz the perfect place for your taco cravings. 

Order Mexican in Los Feliz

There’s never a bad time for tacos or burritos. After all, these are convenient, easily accessible, and filling meals that you can always enjoy, particularly in Los Angeles. There are just as many different places for Mexican street food in the city as there are tastes and preferences. Whatever your usual order might be, there is probably a great taco truck, cart, stand, or hole in the wall restaurant for what you are craving. However, when it comes to getting Mexican in Los Feliz, there’s no better place than Yuca’s on Hillhurst. Just head over to their stand at 2056 Hillhurst Avenue and find your next meal. You can also visit their website to order ahead!

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