Los Feliz News: Vegan Delicacies and the Other New Restaurant Openings in the Area

Los Feliz News

Here’s another dose of Los Feliz news, and it should pique the interest of foodies in the area. After more than two years of the COVID-19 pandemic’s stranglehold on the restaurant scene in Los Angeles and around the country, things are beginning to go back in full swing. 

Several restaurants are about to open, one of them being a vegan pizza joint. You may or may not be a fan, but it will surely suit the Southern California palate. For those curious about what the restaurant scene can potentially look like in a few months, here’s a list of new establishments on the rise. 

Blu Jam Café 

The very first Blu Jam Café branch opened its doors in 2006 in its original Melrose District location. If you’re a fan of this place and you live around the area, you ought to be looking forward to the grand opening of its 7th location in Atwater Village. It is set to replace Wolfie’s Hot Chicken and will open on March 22nd

Blu Jam Café, of course, is known for its non-GMO dishes like tofu, nitrate-free bacon, and farm-fresh eggs. 


Now, if you’re a fan of Korean BBQ bowls, this bit of news should excite you. BBQ+Rice will open two new branches in Los Angeles, one of them along Silver Lake. No exact date has been given, but BBQ+Rice is expected to begin operations around the spring or summertime

The great news is that this establishment will take up 1,050 square feet of space. Talk about maximizing potential. 

BBQ+Rice serves authentic Korean dishes with its specialties being the classic bulgogi rice bowl, black pepper chicken, and spicy pork bowl. And of course, you can’t go wrong with a generous serving of Korean fried chicken. 

Seabirds Kitchen

Los Feliz’s vegan community now has a new reason to celebrate. That’s because the beloved Seabirds Kitchen will open its third location along N.Hillhurst Ave. According to owner Stepanie Morgan, this new branch will begin operations in April. 

Seabirds Kitchen drew attention for its specialty dishes, from its Bibimbap bowls to its stuffed shells and jackfruit nachos.  

Hot Tongue

Now, for a restaurant that’s already open for business. In February, vegan pizza joint Hot Tongue opened its doors to the dining public. From its original Downtown LA location, Silver Lake is the chosen spot for this new branch. 

According to owner Alex Koons, the main goal is to take on the “challenge” of creating pizza, but without the use of “traditional” toppings. Vegan pizza will surely entice the LA crowd, specifically in this area. 

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