SELAH Neighborhood Helps the Silver Lake Homeless Population

silver lake homeless

The SELAH Neighborhood Homeless Coalition is a group of neighborhood organizers who “recognize unhoused individuals as fellow members of our community worthy of the same dignity, respect, and representation afforded to any housed person”. They operate in Silver Lake, Echo Park, Los Feliz, Atwater Village, and East Hollywood. Here, they have the mission of responding to homelessness in a proactive, compassionate, and effective way. The group is dedicated to helping the Silver Lake homeless population get back on their feet.

SELAH Neighborhood Coalition

The main goal of the SELAH Neighborhood Coalition is to ensure that these vulnerable members of our community receive support and political recognition. They do so by providing them with material aid, connection to existed services, and all sorts of policy advocacy. Other organizations dedicate themselves to the overall goal of reducing homelessness on the city, county, and state levels. SELAH, on the other hand, focuses on sustainable relationship-driven support for the Silver Lake homeless population. Here are some of the ways in which they do so.

  • Engagements with unhoused neighbors to offer resources and advocate in their favor.
  • Partner with local churches to offer regular meals, showers, and case management.
  • Meet with elected representatives to voice concerns and offer solutions.
  • Host community education and activity events centered around homeless advocacy.
  • Distribute resources for those experiencing homelessness.
  • Research and advocate in favor of policies that support their mission.
  • Build bridges and connections with other community groups working towards similar goals.

Support Silver Lake Homeless Residents

So, how can you help? Well, there are plenty of ways in which you can support SELAH’s mission. First, of course, you can volunteer with them. SELAH volunteers prepare and distribute food, hand out clothing and hygiene supplies, and provide general aid to Silver Lake homeless residents. If you can’t donate your time, you can definitely donate other things. For example, they accept donations for clothing and hygiene products. Lastly, you can donate money or special skills if that’s more your thing. SELAH will gladly accept as much help as you can give!

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