Real Hair Wigs for a Really Great Spring Look

real hair wigs


We believe that wigs made from human hair should, well, reflect human hair. That means having the feel and consistency of human hair, of course, but also the color, too. To pick an example from our site, the “Lace Front & Monofilament Human Hair Wig” by Louis Ferre. This wig is true human hair, of course. It also comes in distinctly human colors, such as “Sunny Blonde Brown,” “Cappuccino,” “Creamy Cocoa,” “Darkest Brown,” and “Marble Brown.” That’s just one of our human hair wigs; there are many more which offer plenty of other colors, too. Beyond just the colors, of course, this wig was specifically built with a true “no-slip grip,” as well as a style that truly emphasizes a natural feel.

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