A Safe Plan to Reopen For Your Small Business

safe plan to reopen

As California reopens, business owners all over the state are making an effort to resume operations in a responsible way. This might prove to be hard, particularly for those businesses that usually require relatively close contact or touching different surfaces. Barbershops, clothing stores, and salons, for example, are having to adjust their operations. If you are looking for a safe plan to reopen, here are a few suggestions.

Implement a Safe Plan to Reopen

As a business owner, you have a responsibility to provide a safe and pleasant environment for both your employees and your customers. Right now, as businesses seek out a safe plan to reopen, this includes preemptive measures that consider the spread of COVID-19. This will manifest in a variety of different ways, or at least it should. You need to provide your employees with the necessary protective equipment so that they can be safe when they go to work and stay safe while working. Face masks and gloves, as well as sanitation equipment, are good places to start. Depending on how close the contact with customers can be, you might need more than that. You want to make sure you are being as safe as necessary (and maybe more).

What to Ask of Your Customers

The best way to first approach the matter of reopening is to regulate the influx of people into your locale. You want to make sure that you are limiting opportunities for spread, so operating at quarter capacity (or half at most) is a good approach. Requiring a face mask of customers when they come in and offering hand sanitizer can encourage hygiene on their part. You are likely to stumble upon some resistance, but try to hold your ground. You are doing this for their health as well as your own, after all, so try to communicate that. In restaurants, where face masks aren’t entirely viable, make a point out of properly sanitizing tables and distributing diners responsibly.

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