A lively turnout at this quarter’s Silver Lake Chamber Mixer

King's Roost Silver Lake

It was another good turnout last Thursday for the heads of small businesses in Silver Lake at the quarterly Chamber of Commerce Mixer.  This time around the theme was keeping everything homemade with the help of the staff of King’s Roost.

With the Silver Lake Neighborhood Council is having elections on May 14, many of the candidates showed up to deliver their pitch at the chamber event.

Roe Sie, owner of King’s Roost, was a very welcoming to his fellow business owners at his do-it-your-self home crafts shop. He showed his Silver Lake neighbors the ins and outs of the various D-I-Y kits and homemade crafts.  Inside the shop near Silver Lake Junction on Lucille, there’s a table where organic grains are ground together and blended to make a unique batch of bread each time.  there’s an open kitchen where patrons enjoyed wine and some of King’s Roost home-batched bread.

King’s Roost has moved to Sunset and Lucille from it’s original location on Fountain Avenue in Los Feliz, and has been featured in the L.A. Times and L.A. Weekly, among other publications.

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