Whole Foods 365 Silver Lake opening this month

Whole Foods 365

Whole Foods is finally arriving in Silver Lake on May 25 as the chain’s first ever “365” location, geared towards better affordability for their usual all-organic, GMO-free, small-batch and fair trade offerings.

Organic food is in the mode in Silver Lake, and 365 will be a “value offshoot” geared towards millennials according to L.A. Weekly.  The Silver Lake location will have a craft beer bar, an automated tea server, a quinoa taco stand and and in-store vegan restaurant– a hot ticket in the neighborhood.  The new sub-chain will probably expand quickly from there, with ten stores slated to open in 2017, according to Forbes.

The Austin-based Whole Foods store chain, although quite popular in upscale neighborhoods, has been accused of over-pricing it’s offerings. In fact, if you Google the term “price gouging”, the search engine finishes with “price gouging Whole Foods”.  365 is the company’s answer to that.

365 is actually Whole Foods’ store brand of cheaper products sold in store since 1997.  According to the Forbes article, company reps have said that you can expect a smaller selection of products than the normal-sized Whole Foods Stores, making it much more affordable.  365-brand products will probably be featured a bit more than usual at the new store.


Getting to Whole Foods 365 after the 25th

Good luck with the parking, though.  The store will open at the former Ralph’s location on 2520 Glendale Boulevard. If you’re coming from the 5 freeway, take the exit on Fletcher.  If you’re coming from Sunset Boulevard and the rest of L.A., head north on Glendale Boulevard and the shopping center is on your right just past Silver Lake Boulevard.


Silver Lake

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