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Skylight Books has been a local favorite of Los Feliz, Silver Lake, Hollywood, Atwater Village, and Echo Park residents for almost twenty-five years. Since 1996, this independent bookstore has been a hub of culture and knowledge, hosting events with authors and writers and engaging with the community beyond a merely commercial way. The eclectic nature of the neighborhood, they say, “challenges [them] to provide the cutting edge of culture including the best in literary fiction, books on music, art, film and theatre, Los Angeles regional culture and history, graphic literature, children’s books, political theory, and more.” Right now, Skylight Books is closed to the public as part of the social distancing measures, but you can continue to support them by ordering books online.

Skylight Books

As previously stated, Skylight Books provides its clientele with countless different kinds of books. They carry everything from bestselling literature to small press books and local zines. The bookstore is a local favorite, not just because of their diverse stock, but also because of their unique atmosphere. Skylight is a bookstore, event venue, and cultural hotspot all in one. More importantly, they have managed to maintain themselves as such despite the advent of online booksellers and chain bookstores. Through everything, they have remained a small independent bookstore that’s always open for the enjoyment of the Los Angeles community. Well, not exactly always.

Order Books Online

As you know, right now things are difficult for a lot of small businesses. Due to the necessary social distancing measures, a lot of physical locales are currently unable to operate as usual. Don’t worry, though. You can still support local favorite Skylight Books, even when you can’t swing by and enjoy their gorgeous location. They are still selling the books you might need on their website. If looking for a new read, you can easily purchase a variety of books through their digital platform. This way, you can support this Silver Lake staple through this tough time.