Order Silverlake Ramen For Delivery or To Go

silverlake ramen

A local staple of not only Silver Lake but all Los Angeles, Silverlake Ramen is many people’s go-to ramen joint. Whether it’s in Santa Monica, Downtown, Long Beach, or the seminal Silver Lake location, their delicious menu features some of the best Japanese appetizers, rice bowls, sushi rolls, and, yes, ramen. Their location on Sunset is one of the most well-known ramen restaurants in the Silver Lake area. The small locale is a very popular spot most nights and on the weekends. Of course, their locations are currently not open for dine-in. Does that mean you don’t get to enjoy their menu during quarantine? No, don’t worry, you can still enjoy Silverlake Ramen through delivery or to go.

Silverlake Ramen

Self-described as a born and bred Los Angeles business, Silverlake Ramen was “created with a combined passion and experience for creating ramen that embodies delicious quality and traditional ingredients”. They are well known as having the best ramen around, which they claim is made possible by the environment. The free spirit and casual vibe of the neighborhood and the city inspired the two chefs behind the restaurant to build up an unpretentious brand. Their menu includes a variety of simple yet creative dishes that are sure to satisfy those seeking both traditional ramen experiences and new exciting flavors. This wonderful menu is still readily available despite the widespread closures.

Ramen Delivery and Takeout

If you feel like having some ramen at home, you don’t have to settle for a thirty cent supermarket packet. No, you want to enjoy the real thing. Ordering some ramen for delivery or take out from local favorite Silverlake Ramen is pretty easy. Just head over to their order platform and pick the option you’d rather have. Their full menu is all available for you to enjoy with the rest of your household.

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