The Secrets of Echo Park – Part II

Echo Park

Surrounded by Elysian Park, Elysian Valley, Silver Lake, and Chinatown, Echo Park is a historic neighborhood in which you can find a series of well-known places like the Los Angeles Dodgers Stadium or the Echo Park Lake up to some of Echo Park’s hidden gems like the Wildflower trail. Read on if you want to know more about some of these places!

Wildflower Trail

On the west side of Elysian Park, close to the Dodger Stadium, the Wildflower Trail is the best way to get to see a variety of wildflowers. It extends for 2.8 miles with 200 miles of elevation and you will get to see sycamores and pine forests and a beautiful array of Southern California Wildflowers during spring. You might bring your dog if you keep him on a leash, and the trail is well shaded so it is perfect for kids as well. There is only one disadvantage: The park trail signs can be confusing.

Lady of the Lake

The Queen of the Angels (or the proper name in Spanish, Nuestra Reina de Los Ángeles) was sculpted by Ada Mae Sharpless and gifted to the City of Los Angeles in 1935. After it was restored in 1999, the Lady of the Lake, as local people call it, was placed at the southeast edge of Echo Park Lake. Later on, when the lake received a renovation, the statue was returned to the north end of the lake, with ships, a mission, and other land features depicted at her base.

Baxter Street Stairs

If you are a fan of old architecture then you will love this: there are over two dozen sets of stairs across Echo Park, and some of them trace back before even automobiles and paved streets existed! Furthermore, and thanks to their ultra-high vantage point, they provide some of the best views of Los Angeles. Downtown L.A, The Hollywood Sign, and the Griffith Observatory are just some of the sights you will have after the 231-step ascent.

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