Trans candidate Maebe A. Girl Makes it Through the Primaries and Will Now Challenge Adam Schiff

On a tight election result, G. Pudlo ‘a.k.a Maebe A. Girl’ managed to beat her main rival for a margin of 3000 votes and will now face Democrat candidate Adam Schiff. 

Silver Lake – Last primary results are not yet official but we do know something: Maebe A. Girl will contest 11-term elected Adam Schiff in what will be the first time in more than 20 years for him facing a challenger from the left. 


However, that is not the only record Girl has set: this is the first time that a trans/non binary person advances to a General Election for the US House. On her Twitter account, Maebe has even taken the heart to post a sort of poem:

They said there’s no way they could win

They said how they are is a sin

Good lord they are trans

We tried the gay bans

And now the next stage they begin! 


Girl, 35, arrived to Los Angeles nine years ago straight from Chicago. Her father was a chef and her mother a salesperson. She claims she decided to come to Los Angeles mainly because of the weather, but she got involved with the drag world from LA pretty fast. After Trump was elected she started including political numbers in her acts, and also thinking about running for office.

On to the Next Step 


In 2019, she was elected for the Silver Lake Neighborhood Council. After serving as a treasurer and the co-chair of the Silver Lake Neighborhood Council’s Budget and Finance Committee she was inspired to run for higher office. In 2020 she missed second places for a thousand votes so she could not run against Schiff.


Two years laters, she confessed to the LA Times that things might be different: I’m not running to be a drag queen in Congress. I’m running to be a trans representative. I’m running to be a representative for all the people in my district. But I specifically want to be able to be a voice for trans people.”