Anger Sparks in Echo Park: Complaints From The Neighbors of a Church Celebrating Service Outdoors

Echo Park

Angelus Temple, across Echo Park Lake, is currently experiencing some repairs on the church. For that reason, they moved their services to the parking garage next door to celebrate their masses, and the neighbors are not happy.

How it All Began

Echo Park – The story started on the last 1st of June when on an Instagram post @AngelusTempleLA announced that “to maintain the safety of our church, we are making our Thursday service online, due to repairs needing to be made to our interior ceiling.”

Everything would still be alright if it was not because the church changed its mind a week later and decided to “have services on top of our parking structure while the Angelus Temple ceiling is being fixed”.

After the first mass was celebrated stairs, the neighborhood started complaining. Fido stated: “ I live across from the church. The noise on Thursdays and Sundays is unbearable. I have to leave and stay away during the services or I would go nuts. Hard to believe that a church would behave this way, with no consideration for the neighbors”.

Apparently, they decided to stop doing the services online, and move them to the top of the parking garage for “construction issues”. Yet those issues remain uncertain.

How it is Going

Congressman Mitch O’Farrell said in a statement earlier this week that “we are unequivocally opposed to the unpermitted, amplified sound emanating from the top of the temple’s parking lot.” His office is working with the police and the temple to address the complaints and to find a compromise between the church and the community. 

Later on, the church decided to, starting next week, held Thursday Masses at the Angelus Temple Hispanic Building, while Sunday’s services will continue at the parking lot. We will see how this story continues…

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