Are You Ready for an Electrifying Experience?


If you live in Silverlandia or any part of LA, you are probably familiar with electrification. The reduction of carbon emissions to zero is the next trending thing.  In September 2018, the Transportation Electrification Partnership shared its Zero Emission 2028 Roadmap with the general public. The roadmap is designed to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by increasing the use of electric vehicles (EVs). The idea is to make electrification for transport common by 2028 when Los Angeles hosts the Olympic and Paralympic games.

Electrification in Silverlandia will mean an even greater quality of life now and in the future. Not only will people experience better health, but the initiative will also create the first zero-emission freight corridor along I-710. So, how do you plan to contribute to electrification in Silverlandia? Some of the plans of the zero-emission roadmap include the use of e-bikes, scooters, and EV cars, used for sharing and hailing. Activities also include developing bike lanes and zero-emission zones.

Installing Fast Chargers

The installation of fast chargers is an essential component of increasing awareness about the use of EVs. Legislators and environmental groups are supporting their use to clean up the air and reduce the costs of healthcare.

Cleaner air means fewer incidents of pollution-based illnesses, such as asthma, heart disease, and cancer.

The state is installing fast-charging stations along state highways as well. It takes about 30 minutes to complete an 80% charge.

Chargers feature connectors that can serve all the EVs currently being used. There is no time limit for charging and the service is free. If you want to go the distance, you will find you can do so with these new chargers.

Electrification also involves switching from gas to electricity in buildings and homes. An article, published in the Scientific American on January 4, 2021, indicated that California’s top energy regulators are moving toward this goal.

For example, the state’s Energy Commission is revising state building codes to make the installation of solar panels on new homes mandatory. Regulators are also revamping codes so electricity instead of gas is used in new homes.

Therefore, most environmentalists in Silverlandia and elsewhere have been chanting a mantra that emphasizes electrification. Consumers are focused on the benefits of decarbonization, guiding Californians away from carbon-intense activities.

The once boring electricity sector has now become an electrifying and innovative force for California residents. This change is impacting California’s infrastructure and transport, manufacturing, and construction activities.

Therefore, people who are interested in greening the areas of Silver Lake, Echo Park, Los Feliz, and Atwater can easily take part in electrification activities.

Making the Move toward Electrification

California residents are making the move to electrification by:

  • Using EVs as well as other electrical modes of transport, These modes include buses, trains, ships, aircraft, tractors, and trucks.
  • Changing building codes so buildings are powered completely by electricity. The codes are designed to replace the use of fossil fuels for cooling and heating.
  • Banning the use of natural gas in new construction or for renovation.
  • Replacing old appliances and water heaters to meet the new electric demand.
  • Switching to electric use at manufacturing sites to ratchet up net-zero emission goals. For example, compressors and other industrial processes are slowly being switched to electricity-generated machines. Some of the industries taking the initiative include the makers of steel, concrete, and chemicals.

However, these events in California and Silverlandia do not mean the end of fossil fuel use is near. According to GreenBiz, about 130,000 miles of oil and natural gas pipelines are planned globally.

Around 80% of those pipes will transport natural gas. Unlike California, China plans to add more than 20,000 miles of fossil fuel-carrying pipes. The plan directly conflicts with the interests of those making the move toward a zero-emission policy.

Can the New Electric Surge Be Met?

In California, the new surge for electricity is causing people to wonder if the state can manage the new supply and demand. Can the grid handle the need for additional generating stations and transmission lines?

Today, residents of Silverlandia and LA are using smart technology and solar upgrades to defer the costs and problems related to fossil fuel use.

Even small sacrifices mean a lot for saving electricity and avoiding the use of fossil fuels. Switching off lights when they are not being used or designing buildings that use natural light are two ways to conserve electricity and support its use. It also helps to use motion detector lights, which only switch on when needed.

Maybe your home needs to be rewired. If so, you should contact a local electrician to make the upgrade. Doing so will reduce your electricity bill and make your home safer as well.

While the path leading to decarbonization and electrification is complicated and costly, it is also a path of opportunity. Regardless of the political and economic barriers, Californians, as always, will weather any economic or environmental storms they happen to face.

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