Find Ballot Drops in Los Angeles for the 2020 Election

ballot drops in Los Angeles

The election approaches and, along with it, the time for all of us to carry out our civic duty. From local to presidential elections, you need to make sure that you are informed about every step in the process. Usually, you’d probably wait until Election Day (November 3rd) to cast your vote. However, given the circumstances, there are other options. If you want to avoid the crowds at the polls, you can request a mail-in ballot and drop it off at one of the many ballot drops in Los Angeles.

Ballot Drops in Los Angeles

If you want to learn about all the ballot drops in Los Angeles, visit the official locator. Here, however, you can find the information for all for ballot drops in our area. If need help with the voting process itself, check out our voting guide.

The Area’s Drop Boxes

Silver Lake – First off, Silver Lake. Our beloved neighborhood, the heart of Silverlandia, has one ballot drop. However, it’s not as centrally located as you’d expect. You will find it at 2411 Glendale Boulevard, a few blocks east of the reservoir, in the Silver Lake Branch Library. This drop off location is available 24 hours a day.

Los Feliz – Now, as for the Los Feliz ballot drop, this one is a lot closer to the heart of the neighborhood. This 24-hour ballot drop is at the Los Feliz Branch Library at 1874 Hillhurst Avenue.

Echo Park – You will find the Echo Park ballot drop off at the Edendale Branch Library, where you can also get free COVID testing. This drop is at 2011 Sunset Boulevard and it is, you guessed it, available 24 hours.

Atwater Village – Just like most of the ballot drops in Los Angeles, the Atwater Village drop box is at the local library branch. The Atwater Village Branch Library is at 3618 Revere Avenue, right on Glendale Boulevard. This one is also available 24 hours, of course.

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