The Five Best Spots for Silver Lake Takeout

silver lake takeout

Silver Lake is undeniably one of the most vibrant neighborhoods in Los Angeles. The diverse population, eclectic atmosphere, and central location translate into all sorts of different food and dining options. If you, like us, are the kind of person that sticks to the same one or two restaurants in your area, you should know there are countless other options out there. If you’re feeling like having something different tonight, here’s a brief guide on some of the best Silver Lake takeout.

Enjoy the Best Silver Lake Takeout

  • India’s Restaurant – In the heart of Silver Lake, you will find the accurately named India’s Restaurant. They bring the ancestral tradition of Indian cuisine to Los Angeles with a concentration on quality and nutrition. Order the best Indian food in Silver Lake here.
  • Casita del Campo – Casita del Campo, a restaurant founded in 1962, is home to some of the area’s most delicious Mexican food, coziest atmosphere, and the friendliest staff. They are certainly a staple of the community still going strong after all this time, providing the neighborhood with authentic and home-like meals. They have some of the best Silver Lake takeout and you can order some right here.
  • Phat Birds – There’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good plate of fried chicken. We’re not talking about the kind you sometimes get at the grocery store or from a chain restaurant. No, we all know that the real fried chicken is located on Sunset Boulevard and Edgecliffe Drive. Phat Birds will delight you with some of the most flavorful chicken in the city. Order now from their online menu.
  • Silverlake Ramen – A local staple of not only Silver Lake but all Los Angeles, Silverlake Ramen is many people’s go-to ramen joint. Whether it’s in Santa Monica, Downtown, Long Beach, or the seminal Silver Lake location, their delicious menu features some of the best Japanese appetizers, rice bowls, sushi rolls, and, yes, ramen. You can easily order takeout online.
  • Speranza – Are you tired of cooking supermarket pasta every other night? Do you miss the experience of going out to a nice restaurant Friday night? Speranza has got you covered. They have developed a variety of dishes that respect tradition while also evoking new and exciting flavors. You can try it yourself by ordering here.

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