Millie’s Cafe Serves the Best Outdoor Brunch in Silver Lake

outside brunch in silver lake

You, like most people in Silver Lake, probably miss brunch. What’s not to miss? The fresh air, the delicious food, the catchup with your friends; it’s all wonderful. The last few months, however, haven’t given us a lot of opportunities for that. If you miss it as well, there are ways to responsibly get outdoor brunch in Silver Lake. And, the best spot for it is undeniably Millie’s Cafe.

Millie’s Cafe

Since 1926, Millie’s Cafe has been a staple of Los Angeles. Both their Silver Lake and Pasadena locations are open every day, serving guests with good old-fashioned breakfast. The folks at Millie’s believe in the difference between doing things the easy way and right way. They say so themselves on their website. “We use real butter to cook our fresh eggs. We use Altadena dairy products because they don’t give their cows hormones. We don’t even like yellow dye in our cheese, so we get white cheddar. We fresh grind each pot of French roast coffee. Our bread is baked fresh daily. Our juices are fresh from Odwalla.” They make as much as they can from scratch because they know there is a difference.

Outdoor Brunch in Silver Lake

If you are looking for a nice outdoor brunch in Silver Lake, Millie’s Cafe is the best way to go. Their extensive menu of deliciously traditional breakfast dishes has something for all tastes. From their breakfast specials, omelets, and eggs benedict, to their pancakes, french toasts, and waffles, the question will be what not to get. If you don’t feel like enjoying outdoor dining just yet, you can always order online for pickup. Just head over to their website to browse their menu and order online. However, if you and your housemates would like to enjoy the outdoors, you can swing by Millie’s Cafe at 3524 W Sunset Blvd. Just remember to wear your mask all the way up to the moment you’re eating!

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