Silver Lake’s Bodybuilders Gym Among The Many Current Closures on LA’s Eastside


It’s unfortunate to report that a vast majority of businesses in Silverlandia and around Los Angeles are suffering at this time due to the rampant closures because of the Coronavirus.

What’s set apart Silver Lake, particularly, as a Los Angeles neighborhood, and overall community, is the absence of . Instead, we have businesses like our friends at the Body Builders Gym on Hyperion. Last week, they fell under Mayor Garcetti’s orders to shut down operations for the time being as an abundance of caution to help curb the spread of COVID-19. They made the announcement on their website and social media. Gym members and the community at large should keep tabs on their status online and look for news of this neighborhood favorite re-opening when things begin to return to normalcy.

As far as fitness goes, they are a community staple and we’re rooting for you. Here’s to a quick re-opening.


The Silverlandia Team

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