Content: More Than Just Keywords

Content: More Than Just Keywords

Danny Star, CEO and Founder of Website Depot Digital Marketing Agency, has helped hundreds of small businesses grow and expand. 

At our company, we write quite a lot of content for businesses. For each of our clients, our writers handle a seemingly endless number of blog and social media posts, website pages and more. This is so our clients rank higher online and so they can get their information in front of prospective customers. That way, they can be seen as the experts they are in their fields. However, there’s more to writing good content than just the technical aspects like including keywords and inserting metadata.

Keywords are important, but the best content provides real value. That doesn’t mean writing sales bluster or talking up your goods and services. Rather, it means answering questions that people might have and educating them with real, actionable information. These are major parts of how Google ranks content.

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