Where to Find Coronavirus Testing in Silver Lake

coronavirus testing in silver lake

As another week of quarantine goes by, the situation continues to get more complicated in Los Angeles. 663 new infections new reported this last Sunday, as well as fifteen deaths. In order to combat the rise of cases, measures are being taken in order to increase testing and provide the necessary care to isolate cases. These drive-up (or walk-up) stations are meant to provide rapid and convenient testing for those who believe they’ve been exposed to the virus or are presenting mild and confusing symptoms. The testing sites are slowly popping up around the city, and even now you can find coronavirus testing in Silver Lake.

Coronavirus Testing

Coronavirus testing mostly consists of obtaining respiratory samples with the help of a swab. It can take from a few hours all the way to two days for these to yield results. There is a lot of nuance in these tests, especially in terms of how long the infection has been taking place. After all, the virus moves away from the throat and into the lungs after a week or so of infection. Samples need to be taken according to the presence of symptoms and discomfort. More and more measures are being taken in order to make these tests as convenient and accessible as possible.

The Importance of Testing in Silver Lake

Widespread testing allows for those who are not presenting symptoms to be aware of the need for them to isolate. That’s not to shame anyone who hasn’t been able to get tested. After all, it’s been made quite hard to do by government agencies. Testing is, however, slowly becoming available. Right now, if you are looking for coronavirus testing in Silver Lake, you can book an appointment at Carbon Health on the intersection of Sunset Blvd. and Alvarado St. if you are eligible to do so. More testing locations are coming to the area but, for now, you can drive up or walk up to Carbon Health for your test. Be sure to keep practicing social distancing and take care of yourself!