Using the Metro Red Line Service During the COVID-19 Pandemic

metro red line

While many of us are being encouraged to stay at home, some people still have to work and make use of the city’s infrastructure. This applies to a lot of residents and workers in the Silver Lake area. A lot of people make use of the local Metro red line stations or of one of the many bus lines that ride through the neighborhood. We understand that sometimes you don’t have a say on whether you get to stay home or not. That is why we have compiled updates and recommendations on how the Metro service is being impacted during this time.

How is the Metro Red Line Service Impacted?

In order to help contain the spread of the virus and ensure that the public transportation system remains safe for its riders, Metro Bus service levels are being reduced 15%-20%. This is enough of a reduction to limit exposure while also remaining convenient for users. Riders are being encouraged to board and exit through the back door. That is unless, of course, they need to make use of the ramp. As for Metro Rail, most lines will be running every twelve minutes from six a.m. to six p.m.. Service will be every twenty minutes at other times. 

Practicing Caution on the Metro

In order to maintain a safe environment in the public transportation system, Metro is installing sanitation stations and hand sanitizer dispensers at major transit stops and stations. This way, riders are hence able to frequently wash their hands. They are also recommending riders to wear some sort of facial protection. This can be a face mask, a bandana, or a scarf. Basically, just be sure to protect your face and to maintain physical distance from others. This is not a substitute for good hygiene practices. Be sure to keep taking care of yourself and limiting your own contact with surfaces. Public transport is still a necessity for a lot of people in Los Angeles, so be mindful of others and take care of yourself while making use of buses and trains.

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