Mixto Latin Food Is Here To Satisfy Your Mexican Takeout Cravings

mexican takeout

Maybe you miss getting food from your favorite taco stand or maybe you miss those delicious burritos across the street from your work. We get it, there’s nothing like getting a good an authentic Mexican meal from your favorite little food place in Silver Lake. Sadly, a lot of them aren’t open right now. And if they are, they might be too far for you to get takeout or delivery from them. Well, for Silver Lake residents, Mixto Latin Food is here to provide you with that delicious Mexican takeout or delivery that you’ve been looking for while stuck at home in quarantine. Let us introduce you to your new favorite place.

Mixto Latin Food Menu

At Mixto, you can get all your traditional favorites. Whether you want some tacos, a burrito, bowls, or quesadillas, their varied menu will have everything to satisfy your Mexican cravings. With beef, chicken, pork, and vegetarian options, you are bound to find the dish of your choice. Although they are mainly a Mexican food place, that is far from the only thing Mixto offers. After all, their name itself implies a mixture of different cultures. You can also have some delicious Cuban-style maduros or some Ecuadorian beans with your meal. With the menu at Mixto, you can have delicious food that brings together the best of different Latino cultures.

Ordering Mexican Takeout and Delivery

For the first time, you have the perfect excuse to stay in, get some rest, and enjoy some takeout or delivery free of guilt. Mixto is offering both options right now for you to still be able to enjoy their delicious food. You can use their website to order online for either takeout or delivery. You can have a wonderful Latin meal delivered right to your home. Or, if you feel like venturing out, quickly swing by their restaurant in Silver Lake to pick it up. They are located at 2827 Hyperion Ave, and you can give them a call to order at (323) 668-1818.

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