Echo Park News: Baxter Street’s ‘Flying Tesla’ Stunt Sparks New Dangerous Trend

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For this edition of Echo Park news, we’re taking a look at a new dangerous trend spurred on by the “Flying Tesla” stunt back in March. If any of you remember, a Tesla went airborne on Baxter Street, hitting a few nearby parked cars and trash cans. LAPD has since put out a $1,000 reward to anyone who can identify the driver of the said vehicle.

A New Dangerous Trend

Since that March incident, a few other motorists have followed suit, showing off their own version of the stunt in the same location. One involved a couple of motorcycles and another by a van that didn’t take flight like the others. Nonetheless, it’s a scary and dangerous trend that could very well end up in injuries or more property damage.

Jordan Hook, whose vehicle was hit by the original Tesla stunt, isn’t too optimistic about law enforcement apprehending the driver.

“The police said he probably wouldn’t get caught – they weren’t going to pursue it – because it was only a misdemeanor,” he said in a YouTube video he uploaded.

Zero Arrests, So Far

Baxter Street was apparently turned into a one-way road in 2018 to hinder navigation apps from jamming its narrow pathways. And now that it’s been turned into a personal stunt yard by unhinged motorists, police have yet to have a clue on how to stop it.

In a statement by councilman Mitch O’Farrell, he said that “Ultimately, we cannot legislate the foolish desire to act in a way that places greater value on social media engagement rather than people’s safety.”

As of this posting, no arrests have been made. No additional information has been put forward, either, but the City’s Department of Transportation has requested the examination of possible safety improvements at Baxter Street.

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