Make Hay at Jay’s Bar 


Have you been looking for the best bar experience in the Silverlandia area? Do you want to drink where the big stars go to drink? The answer to both of these questions is the same: Jay’s Bar. Don’t like that unassuming name fool you – this is a great establishment. They have tremendous custom cocktails, food, and so much more. 


The Award for Best Menu Options Goes to… 


Jay’s Bar has been, over time, a place where Oscar-nominated celebrities come to drink. Does that mean they’ll be there when you’re there? No. (Although, they might be.) That said, what you can enjoy at Jay’s Bar at any time are the cocktails as well as their craft beers and top-notch food. 


With a name like “Jay’s Bar,” you might assume that the menu options are limited but really, nothing could be further from the truth. There are plenty of unique items there. See, Jay’s Bar is actually a mixture of both American and Japanese American cuisine. So, (to use a brief example) there’s the legendary “Jay’s Burger” (a top notch hamburger) on the same menu with unique Japanese Dumpling Soup and Edamame. Here, you can find what you want. 


A True Bar 


You might think that a palace which can claim Oscar-nominated clientele would be very expensive, but not Jay’s Bar. Indeed, custom cocktails on their menu run the gamut from $12 to $16. Those are some of the best prices you’ll find not just in Silverlandia, but throughout Southern California. 


Beyond the drinks, however, there are plenty of great house culinary specials as well. For example, wasabi and/or curry seasoning can really enliven Jay’s Bar’s already-great steak fries. Japanese Croquettes put a new spin on an old favorite. For more about Jay’s Bar, head to our site. 


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