Griffith Park Pool Grand Reopening Date Still Uncertain

Griffith Park Pool

It has been a month and a half since what was going to be Griffith’s Park Pool Grand Reopening. Then, it was unexpectedly postponed and, until now, there is no clear date for the 225-foot-long pool to be functioning once again. 

The Grand Opening Was Canceled Due to a Leaky Foundation

Los Feliz – After being closed for almost two years because of the pandemic, the community was expecting what was going to be the grand reopening of the Griffith Park Pool. You can imagine their disappointment once they found out it was not going to be possible due to a leaky foundation. They were if you allow me to say, not Feliz (not happy in Spanish).

According to Councilmember Nithya Raman, the pool was able to open in recent years despite the cracks that have been on the pool for a long time. “It was determined that the disrepair was too great to allow for public use” Raman added.

When Will the Pool Finally Reopen?

Repairing the pool is one of the park’s top priorities, but it is not yet known when the repairs will be completed. Raman said she has been in touch with Recreation & Parks to see how to find a quick solution to the matter and “bring this important and historic facility back into commission to serve the community’s needs”.

The pool was built in 1927, and, for the time, it was about twice the length of a municipal pool, 225 feet long and 50 wide.

This is not the only community center on the verge of opening back after the pandemic. As you might have read earlier this month, Griffith Park Senior Center could open as early as this summer.

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