Gyms Closed Once Again, What Can You Do to Work Out Now

gyms closed

As summer began, Los Angeles County, among other counties across California, started rolling back safety measures. The need to “reopen the economy” was seen as a priority, so governments started reopening industries without granting citizens the right protections. This caused a surge of cases in California. Los Angeles County alone continues to have thousands of new cases each day, peaking at over eleven thousand new cases a bit over two weeks ago. In the face of these surges, the state government intervened to close down operations of potential spaces for contagion. For example, gyms closed once again and people are wondering how they are going to work out from now on.

Gyms Closed Again

“COVID-19 is not going away anytime soon,” said California governor Gavin Newsom. “Until there is a vaccine and or an effective therapy, limit your mixing with people outside of your household. It’s just common sense, but the data suggests not everyone is practicing common sense.” Gyms are hubs of close interaction. People continuously breathe heavily, touch the same surfaces over and over again, and stand fairly close to each other. This is why it’s so important to close gyms down again. But how are you going to work out? Well, the good news is that there are still ways for you to remain active.

Working Out Outside and at Home

People continue to work out at home, which seems to be working for a lot of fitness fans. After all, there are many different ways to use chairs, mats, and furniture to have an effective workout while at home. However, if you feel cooped up inside your apartment, you can always make use of a nearby park to work out in the open. Looking up video tutorials, fitness blogs, and similar exercise libraries can help you build a workout that works for you. If you have a regular gym, you can even ask them for some resources. With gyms closed for the near future, we’ll need to adapt to the present circumstances.

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