It’s More Than Just a Summer Body

fitness studio Silver Lake

Experience a workout like no other. In fact, change your workout routine with Orangetheory Fitness in Glendale, near the Silver Lake area! Here’s why it works: Orangetheory designs its workouts with one goal in mind: to make sure anyone who tries it feels successful. Compared to your typical gym workouts, Orangetheory provides guidance and doesn’t leave its members with guesswork. People can track their results and actually improve and feel better, physically and mentally. 

fitness studio Silver Lake

It’s important that when it comes to exercising, there needs to be a workout for all levels. People need to go at their own pace, with options and variety. At Orangetheory, it’s a community, not a competition. Membership benefits include month-to-month contract, access to 1000+ studios, flexible time classes, and online booking! Get in shape in an environment that caters to you for the best price possible! 

An investment in Orangetheory is an investment in yourself and Silverlandia has got you covered.

Orangetheory Fitness
101 N. Brand
Suite 140
Glendale, CA 91203

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