Las Vegas Burlesque Show Coming to Silver Lake

Coming To Silver Lake

A time-warped experience of racy burlesque dancing, cabaret-style, is coming to Silver Lake.  The El Cid restaurant on Sunset Boulevard will be hosting the Sultry Sweet Burlesque group and their production of “Drop Dead Gorgeous”.   The show takes place Sunday, April 24 at 8:30 p.m. and doors open at 7:30 p.m.

El Cid is a proper setting for such a novelty show.  The joint is reminiscent of a scene out of Once Upon a Time in Mexico with its old, Spanish-style painted architecture and throwback cabaret showroom with red curtains.  As you step down the hill upon entering the walled-in building, you enter a dimly-lit bar and dining area with the stage being the main focus of the restaurant.  The food there is mostly Mexican fare.  There are also dinner tables on the balcony with views of the show.  There’s a nice, relaxing outdoor seating area as well, isolated from noise of the street, but that doesn’t give you a view of the show.

According to the show’s ticket site, some of the starlets from the dance group that made their scene in New York and Vegas include Molly D’ Amour, Audrey Deluxe, Erica Snap, Sin Twisted, Angie Cakes and Dolly Danger, among others.  No, that’s not their real names.  According to the description of what’s on tap, the show will have a zombie/un-dead theme on this particular showing, hence the name, “Drop Dead Gorgeous”.

Tickets range around $20-$40 and do not include dinner and drink prices.  Aside from this one-off show, El Cid hosts a variety of music and comedy nights throughout the week.

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Coming to Silver Lake


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