Another “Odd Nights at the Autry” in the books

Odd Nights at the Autry

Another Odd Nights at the Autry took place Last Friday in Griffith Park on the south lawn just outside of the Gene Autry Museum.  If you missed it, you have another shot to experience at this one-of-a-kind flea marking next month and all through the summer.

“Odd Nights” is otherwise a king-sized farmers market taking place on the third Friday of each month.  Over 100 unique vendors are on hand on a given Odd Night, and taking it a step further than your mom and pop’s farmers market, there’s a variety of play attractions for kids, food trucks and beer and wine booths for the adults.  There’s also a nice mix of fashion and jewelry tents.

Part of the museum’s parking lot is sectioned-off just for the food trucks right on the edge of the expansive lawn.  Also, there’s a wide-open “blanket area” where people can relax and catch local musicians.


Getting to Odd Nights at the Autry

The Autry is easy to reach from the Valley or Northeast L.A., nestled between the clubhouse of Wilson Golf Course and the entrance to the L.A. zoo off of Interstate 5.  Take the Zoo Drive Exit.


Odd Nights at the Autry



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