Scary Good: Slasher Pizza 


Have you been looking for a Silverlandia pizzeria that offers something different? Do you want one with a fun gimmick that gives you a different experience than you might find anywhere else? Those are just some of the reasons that so many folks go to Slasher Pizza. This horror-movie-themed pizzeria has some of the best pizzas in our area or anywhere else, along with some of the best names for their pizza to boot. 


Classics: From Pepperoni to Pinhead 

As with so many other great pizzerias, the folks at Slasher offer a “Build Your Own Pizza” option. There, you can combine all of their ingredients to make a great pizza unlike anything else. However, the specialty pizzas that they offer are quite incredible as well. 

Some of the Silverlandia team favorites include the “Ripper” pizza (named for the legendary British serial killer). This is a delicious combination of Italian sausage, red onion, chili flakes, and cherry tomatoes. 

Another popular choice around our office is the “Hellraiser” pizza. You can choose pleasure with this pizza in terms of pickled chilies, grilled chicken, Spanish chorizo, and spicy tomato sauce. Yes, just like the actual movie, there is a “Hellraiser 2” option as well. 

More Than Just Pizza 

The fun horror movie motif gets folks in the door, but the greatness of Slasher pizza comes down to the quality of the food itself. For example, the Buffalo Wings don’t get a special name (like “The Buffalo Bill Wings” or something) but their quality absolutely shines through. Really, you can’t go wrong with any of the food here. 

For many of us on the staff, the “Babadook Pizza” was something new, as we hadn’t encountered maple chili oil and/or soppressata on a pizza before. 

To see everything that they have to offer or to learn more, click here

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