Silver Lake News: Micheltorena Stairway Mural Restored After Vandalism in April

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Here’s a piece of Silver Lake news that should put a smile on your face, especially if you live around the area. If you remember, the iconic and beloved Micheltorena stairs, which are known for their trademark hearts and rainbows, were whitewashed in mid-April.

No suspects were identified, and at the time of the incident, the city representatives confirmed that it wasn’t what they were doing. Now, the stairway is back to its original form, all thanks to the efforts of one of its original artists, Carla O’Brien.

Bringing People Together

The mural was repainted in late May, which took two days of work. According to the Office of Community Beautification, the anti-graffiti coating was applied to also protect the staircase from future acts of vandalism.

In a statement to The East Sider LA, O’Brien said, “Our work to restore ‘Stair Candy’ ensures that this public art piece will continue to be enjoyed by all Angelenos while fulfilling art’s central mission of bringing people together.”

A ‘ Needed Beautification’

Stair Candy came into existence in April 2015, upon the city’s response “to the area’s neglect and needed beautification.’ Since then, people from all over town have flocked to the site, mostly to take photos.

A month later, O’Brien and her team created a second mural called “Stair Tempo” located on the Hamilton Staircase that connected Hamilton Way and Sunset Blvd. Stair Tempo, however, came in shapes of black and white that resembled piano keys.

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