Dealing with the Extended Stay at Home Orders in California

stay at home orders

The longer that these social distancing measures go on, the harder it might be to actually live with it. Isolation, cabin fever, and stagnancy can all weigh down on you, and the state of the world doesn’t help. Since cases continue to rise, particularly after recent developments, it might be time to reaffirm the necessary protections. With the extended stay at home orders in California, it will be important for us to learn to deal with them. This is key, not just because of public health, but for our own mental wellness.

Reasons for Extended Stay at Home Orders

As you’ve probably heard recently, cases of COVID-19 have been on the rise in Los Angeles.  This comes after a variety of different industries reopened their businesses recently. This has led to different calls for more pertinent reopening measures. Dine-in restaurants, for example, closed their indoor operations once again. Restaurants have gone back to exclusively offering takeout and delivery options unless they have an outdoor patio. Similarly, more measures are being taken in order to protect people from possible situations for contagion. Due to the increment in cases in Los Angeles Count, extended stay at home orders might be necessary.

How to Deal with This

In order to better continue to deal with the pandemic, it will be necessary to take a few steps back and reflect on the initial stages of quarantine. In order to better deal with the possible extended stay at home orders, finding a healthy balance will be important. We need to interact with people, after all. This is why you can find socially distant ways to see other people that can help you cope with the general isolation. The situation is not easy, but it’s important to keep going so that it doesn’t become worse. When things feel like they are becoming too frustrating, just try to ground yourself on what you can. Order some food, head over to a park, and try to do things that feel normal.