Staying Fit Is A Post-Covid Necessity

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It’s been a crazy year for all of us, and whether or not you have actually had to go through the process of suffering with Covid-19, it’s fair to say that all of our lives have been impacted in one way or another. Something that a lot of people have experienced when it comes to a change in their regular routines is exercise.

You might not have been able to get to your usual gym, you might have been physically hampered by illness, or you simply might have lost some enthusiasm for working out during the pandemic. All of these are understandable, but something that is really important according to the Los Feliz news is to make sure you stay fit post-Covid. To help you get into the swing of it, here are some tips for finding your way back into a fitness routine.


  •     Start Slow

It doesn’t matter what your pace of exercise is like when you start, what matters is that you have started at all! Whether you are trying to boost your health to fight the risk of COVID, or you are trying to regain fitness after suffering from it, the thing that you should do is start slow. You will be amazed by how quickly your stamina and energy starts to improve.

  •     Low Intensity

There is nothing wrong with starting with a bunch of low intensity workouts that combine to make a difference. The Los Feliz news has reported a rise in simple outdoor activities like walking, light jogging and introductory yoga. Anything that helps to get your body moving and your heart rate even slightly elevated is a step in the right direction. Even five to ten minutes per day to start off with is a good place to start.

  •     Start Indoors

If you have recently recovered from Covid, then something that is advised is to begin your journey back to fitness indoors rather than outdoors. This is a matter of assessing what the air quality is like in your immediate environment. If there are environmental factors at play that could serve to irritate your already irritated respiratory system, then it could end up doing more harm than good. Pick some things that you can do indoors to start with.

  •     Team Sports

Once you have achieved a certain level of renewed fitness, something to consider to keep you enthused and interested is looking into various team sports that you could get involved with where you love. Exercise is always more fun and more motivating when you are doing it with others who can spur you on and who you can be a little bit competitive with.


So, if you think that the Los Feliz news is correct and you want to get back into fitness for yourself, then head over to the Silverlandia website for a whole collection of different articles and news pieces that we think you will find very helpful. One step at a time is all it takes!

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