There’s Always More to Do in Silverlake


Weed, fashion, and a hustle-bustle lifestyle are some of the everyday things that come to mind when tourists think of California. Natives know there’s so much to the sunshine state and the Silverlake area. Whether you’re looking for outdoor hikes or urban adventures, you can find it near LAs eastside.

Urban Hiking

California has turned into an urban jungle. This hasn’t stopped dedicated hikers and outdoor enthusiasts from creating urban trails and paths. You can find dozens of public outdoor staircases to get a workout in or simply enjoy the fresh air.

In fact, one local has even taken it upon themselves to create a Secret Stairs guide. Give Charles Fleming’s site and book a quick view, and you’ll be well on your way to conquering the urban jungle that is California.

Bring the Kids to Lake Reservoir

Lake Reservoir is the perfect destination to take your kids and family to on the weekend. You won’t run out of activities to do with two dog parks, a basketball court, a playground, and a field. You’ll see friendly locals walking and jogging the 2.2-mile trail around the lake.

The Reservoir also houses The Meadow, a lush, grassy hill overlooking the scenic water. The Meadow is a great place to pause and take in life with a quick picnic or game of catch.

Shop at the Farmers Market

On Tuesday afternoons and Saturday mornings, you can visit the neighborhood market in Silver Lake’s Sunset Triangle. You’ll see stylish shoppers walking with confidence and elegance. Used books, records, and handmade jewelry are sure to catch your eye. Or you can spot fresh flowers, crystals, and other new-age wares.

Not to mention there’s tons of fresh food and goodies. Bless yourself with a freshly brewed cup of joe or a fresh-squeezed glass of orange juice. You can find tamales, crepes, and other baked goods as you’re strolling through the stalls.

Whether you’re looking to shop your groceries for the week or simply enjoy the atmosphere, you should visit the local market just east of Sunset Junction.

More to Do in Silverlake

There’s always more to do in Silverlake. You can find quick hikes and activities just outside of the neighborhood with the right eye. Or you can traverse through urban paths and concrete jungles to get your heart racing. Lake Reservoir is the perfect place to let the kids run free on a lazy Sunday morning. On Saturdays, you can stroll through the local market in Silver Lake’s Sunset Triangle. Regardless of what you want to do or where you decide to go, the community is always bustling with something to do, and it will welcome you every time to join the happy relaxed pace.

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