Get Your Books Online From Local Independent Bookstores

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As you probably know already, local bookstores haven’t been in the best position for a few years. Between the advent of online shopping and larger companies, small businesses have been struggling. This pandemic has only brought these issues to the forefront. That is why you should consider supporting smaller booksellers during this time. You probably are looking for a way to spend your free time in quarantine anyway, right? Here are a few local favorites from which you can buy books online. You can even browse indie bookstores from all over the country by visiting IndieBound.

Skylight Books Online

You’re probably no stranger to Skylight Books yourself. This beautiful bookstore has graced Los Feliz residents with a great book selection since 1996. They regularly host a variety of different events with authors and personalities, inviting the community to engage with art and culture. Although they can’t currently host their usual array of events, they are still open for business! You can order books through their website and have them either be ready for you to pick up or delivered to you.

Stories Books & Cafe

Echo Park’s resident independent bookstore is a quaint little shop where you can buy both new and used books. Not only that, but you can also enjoy coffee and food in their in-house cafe. While their beautiful locale is closed, you can still order from both their book selection and their cafe. Just head over to their website and find the books that you are looking for. You can order books online for curbside pickup and you’ll get notified when they are ready. You can even throw in a drink or a pastry if you feel like it.

Postalworks Silverlake

Silver Lake’s favorite little shop is a great place for all sorts of needs. Anything, from gifts to stationery, from postage to the latest releases, can be found there. They’re still open and are currently offering masks and hand sanitizers while supplies last. So many of what they provide is essential, which is why you can still swing by and get what you need.

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