How Businesses Will Be Lifting the Stay at Home Order in Los Angeles

la stay at home order

As Los Angeles, as well as the whole state of California, begins to loosen up the stay at home order, businesses are getting ready. Of course, social distancing measures and safety precautions will continue to be intermittently in place until there are widespread vaccination and enough herd immunity. However, with the right precautions, our social and commercial lives can be somewhat reinstated in the meantime. Clubs, gyms, and dine-in restaurants will take some time to reopen, but certain businesses will be able to return to approximate normalcy. Here are a few of the regulations in place for establishments that want to reopen.

Upcoming Business Regulations

Under the original stay at home orders, in-person non-essential businesses were asked to close down to prevent exposure. Now, some of these commercial venues can begin to reopen if they implement the proper safety measures.

  • Perform a detailed risk assessment of the establishment, indicating potential points of contact and contagion.
  • Implement a site-specific protection plan for the venue, taking into account the circumstances of your locale and person-to-person interaction.
  • Screen employees for potential coronavirus symptoms, urging them to stay at home if they are presenting them.
  • Implement similar measures for customers and visitors, asking those who have presented symptoms not to enter the premises. This also includes requiring the use of face masks inside the locale.
  • Set up disinfecting protocols for the staff, merchandise, and surfaces.
  • Enforce physical distancing guidelines inside the venue, making sure people maintain a safe distance between each other.

Safely Lifting the Stay at Home Order

Just like the distancing measures implemented so far, the lifting of these will require collective effort, solidarity, cooperation, and patience. We all share spaces within our community, which means that we all have the responsibility to take care of ourselves and each other. This entails respecting safety guidelines, wearing a face mask, and staying at home when possible. If we wish for the full stay at home order to subside, we’ll have to keep respecting it for the time being.

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