Los Angeles Organizations Supporting the City’s Population

Los Angeles organizations

It’s in uncertain times that those determined enough to make a change stand up for what’s right. A global pandemic, social unrest, and general frustration are currently potential catalysts for change. Of course, this might be disorienting for you. So, are you unsure about how you yourself can contribute to what’s going on? Well, you can start by looking for those who are already doing their part. Here are a few Los Angeles organizations that are acting up and how you can help Los Angeles.

People’s City Council LA

Self-described as “an actions-oriented coalition of social and climate justice organizations and organizers from all over Los Angeles,” the People’s City Council was born out of city officials’ negligence. Determined to help the more vulnerable population of the city, the organization advocates in favor of housing for the homeless. Additionally, they organize protests, provide mutual aid for the community, and support those who need it through a bail fund. You can donate, request help, and learn more about them on their website.

Black Lives Matter LA

Obviously, there’s no wrong time to support organizations that fight for equality. However, there are definitely ideal times to do so, and we are currently in the middle of one. With ongoing protests across Los Angeles and the United States, there is a clear call for change. Right now, the Los Angeles chapter of Black lives Matter is organizing both peaceful protests and support for those affected by the pandemic. They are also continuously fighting for a better distribution of the city’s budget. If you would like to learn more about what they do, participate in their events, and donate, you can visit their website.

Los Angeles Organizations to Support

There are plenty of other Los Angeles organizations currently fighting to protect the vulnerable Los Angeles populations. Their activities range from food drives, pandemic support, homeless resources, and similar causes. In case you are looking for more of these, here are a few.

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