Silver Lake Reservoir Trail Turned One-Way For Social Distancing

Silver Lake Reservoir

If you’ve lived in Silver Lake or one of the nearby neighborhoods for a while, you’ve probably gone for a walk around the local reservoir. This reservoir is a vital part of the community. Not just because it’s a water source, but because it is a place for regular leisure. In fact, it gave the neighborhood its name in the first place. Many people enjoy daily or weekly jogs, hikes, and strolls around the reservoir, making it a very popular trail. However, a lot of popular trails have been closed as part of social distancing measures. People have been wondering whether it’s okay or not to go on their usual walks. You’ll be pleased to know that the trail around the Silver Lake Reservoir is still open, but with a few adjustments.

Social Distancing in Los Angeles

The approach of Los Angeles’s social distancing measures has been fairly lenient in order to appeal to more people. When people still get to go out and enjoy some fresh air, they feel less restricted. Therefore, they will collaborate more willingly. And it’s working! Early measures and collaboration have resulted in a lower curve than expected, saving lives and better containing the outbreak. This doesn’t mean that you should neglect your social distancing from now on. On the contrary, you should keep it up to make sure it continues to work. You can still remain active, though, and enjoy the Silver Lake Reservoir as long as you remain socially responsible.

Visiting the Silver Lake Reservoir

In order to still provide Los Angeles with a place for them to exercise and enjoy the outdoors, the trail has, for now, been converted into a one-way trail. As Councilman Mitch O’Farrell said, “If we can all walk in the same direction, practice social distancing, and wear face masks, everyone will remain healthy and have these options to exercise during the pandemic.” As long as you maintain your distance and protect yourself, the Silver Lake Reservoir will remain there for people to take a responsible break from their quarantine.

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