A Tourist’s Guide to the Best Food in Echo Park

Tourist guide to the Best Food in Echo Park Silverlandia

You will need to take an extensive tour around town to have a really good grasp of the best food in Echo Park and the thriving culinary scene. But not everyone has the luxury of time, especially if you’re a tourist who’ll only be around for a few days. 

If this is you, worry not. This short article should give you an extensive enough introduction through these few suggestions. 

Honey Hi

For those who want their food organically sourced, Honey Hi is the place to be. Located along Sunset Blvd, it is one of the preferred spots for pancakes, breakfast sandwiches, and toasts (yes, you read that right) that hit the spot. 

Just by checking out the menu, you’ll see why it is a go-to spot for health nuts around town. After dining at Honey Hi, you’ll never look at eggs & toast the same way again. 

Ceviche Project

Fresh seafood lovers, this one’s for you. This one’s around the Silverlake area where you’ll find delectable items like oysters on the half shell, vegetarian options like the mushroom carpaccio, and of course, ceviche on a tostada. The Hawaiian Kanpachi Tostada, in particular, has gotten a lot of hype, and you’ll see why upon your visit. 

Bar Flores

If a guava spritzer, passion fruit sour, and a tiki jungle bird sounds interesting to you, you’d want to pay a visit to Bar Flores. This Sunset Blvd joint also has a unique spin on the good old classics like the old fashioned, along with their very own mezcal-based cocktail.

But Bar Flores isn’t just about the cocktails. They also have tacos, ceviches, and all-time favorites like chips & salsa, but of course, with an original twist. 

Stay Updated About the Best Food in Echo Park

From the newest restaurants to everyone’s favorite food dives, check out Silverlandia. We will keep you up-to-date on the latest happenings including events, concerts, and store openings around town.

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