Romeo Cantina e Cucina | Authentic Italian Tapas and Wine in Silver Lake!

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Romeo Cantina e Cucina believes in the traditions and simplicity of authentic Italian cuisine with a French spin. Located on Sunset Blvd right in the middle of SilverLake, the restaurant serves a variety of tapas, seafood, and a refined selection of Italian wines. Their tasty menu is filled with color and flavor as you can see from the picture to your left!

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Romeo is a unique place to enjoy wine and tapas in a stylish way, the Italian way. Romeo Wine Bar has curated the wine list — hundreds of labels on the shelf, and that number keeps going up almost every week. Bringing unique flavors and effort creating something amazing for our customers.

Director and Founder of Romeo, Alessandro Paciotti, finds in the made in Italy and in the excellences of the Italian tradition source of inspiration. Born in Italy, he grows in a very stimulating cultural context, he settled in Los Angeles where he founded Romeo. His great energy, determination, and passion led him to become an international entrepreneur and restaurateur.

For Reservations or Any More Questions Visit Us Online! Romeo Wine Bar.


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