Proof Bakery in Atwater Village will Delight You with its Delicious Menu

bakery in atwater village

Sometimes you want to celebrate a special occasion with a nice pastry, while others you are just craving a full lunch. Either way, a trip to the bakery is always a great idea. Who doesn’t feel like having a scone or a croissant every once in a while? Whenever you feel like treating yourself or a loved one, Proof Bakery is there for you. This cute boutique bakery in Atwater Village is open every day for pickup, as well as for larger preorders. If you haven’t previously been to Proof Bakery, you don’t know what you’re missing out on. Their menu is full of tempting delights that will make any day special.

Proof Bakery

Located on the corner of Glendale and Madera, right in the heart of Atwater Village, you will find Proof Bakery. Since the 1960s, this locale has housed a variety of different bakeries. In 2010, chef Na Young Ma opened Proof Bakery with the intent of selling creative seasonal food. They do this, in their own words, by “using the highest quality of raw ingredients, where traditional hand made methods are an integral part of the finished product”. They say so themselves on their website. “We are committed to working as a team to care for everyone who walks through our doors to contribute to the betterment of our local economy”.

Bakery in Atwater Village

You have no idea what surprises are in store for you at the Proof Bakery menu. Whether you want to try their unique cookies, their delicious pastries, or one of their creative cakes, you’ll have a treat in your hands. Not that it will last long in front of you before you eat it. If you’d like to try some of the wonders they have to offer, head over in the morning to see what they’ve got. Every item is seasonal and freshly made, so they don’t last long in stock. They are open daily from eight to four at 3156 Glendale Boulevard. If you’d like to pre-order something, you can browse their menu at their website and call them at (323) 664-8633. The best bakery in Atwater Village is waiting for you.

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