Take A Bet on Barnsdall For A Fabulous Friday!

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Wandering around looking for Los Feliz events? In search of Friday night plans? Well, just off Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles, you’ll find the renowned Friday Night Wine Tastings at Barnsdall. Here you can chill after a heavy week while sampling some of the best wines available.

The Barnsdall Friday Night Wine Tastings have become the Barnsdall Art Park Foundation’s signature fundraising event.

With awesome vistas of downtown LA, the event welcomes Angelenos over the age of 21. Here they get the chance to sip wine, have a great picnic and enjoy the fabulous sunset over the city.

Wine-tasting Los Feliz events

The wine tasting funfest is on the west lawn of the famous Hollyhock House. In 1927 Aline Barnsdall donated the Hollyhock House and eleven surrounding acres to the City of Los Angeles. The land was to be used as an art park in honor and in memory of her father, Theodore Barnsdall.

Today, the Hollyhock House is surrounded by a modern theatre and art galleries, therefore fulfilling its original purpose. It is visited by thousands of Angelenos and tourists who enjoy a truly dynamic, vibrant, artistic, cultural and recreational destination. It now plays host to a series of Los Feliz events.

In the words of Steve W. from El Segundo, here’s what perfectly captures the essence of a wine-tasting visit to Barnsdall:

Salute this Gorgeous Scene

“At one point, our party of four turned to look at the sunset, high enough above LA to see iconic landmarks, like the Griffin Observatory and Hollywood sign. We raised a glass of an interesting, complex Italian blend and saluted this gorgeous scene, with the Hollyhock House right behind us, thankful to experience this uniquely LA community event.

“You can buy tickets for four tastings – each one a quality wine. Even if the generous pours may not all be your favorites, just enjoy the experience of trying a new wine!

We added the option of taking a tour of the Hollyhock House at 5.45, perfect for seeing how Frank Lloyd Wright imagined the rich, magic hour glow pouring through the windows of this fascinating home. Our guide was full of stories and intriguing tidbits.”

Hidden Gem Forgotten by Angelenos

“It feels like Barnsdall is a hidden gem forgotten by Angelenos, but those who come to relish this festive scene – picnics, music, lovely weather, dancing, kids romping around, purveyors of culture soaking it all in. A DJ spun familiar bouncy tunes that made it hard to stand still. A couple of decent food trucks provided fare for all tastes.

“Tips: Take an Uber if you can to avoid parking problems and nasty traffic. Get there early if you need parking close by, to enjoy the grounds and the art gallery.”

If that doesn’t pique your interest, you need to shake those cobwebs out of your head and move on down. The idea of a Frank Lloyd Wright alone should be enough. Additionally, if you’re on a date, Barnsdall is your perfect choice! Bring them with you, try some wine, and enjoy a magical evening in one of the most original Los Feliz events.

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