Plant-Based Deli In Echo Park Is A Must-Visit

Plant Based Deli In Echo Park

More and more people in Echo Park are opting for a healthier option. They want more restaurants offering plant-based food to open. The Counterpart Deli heeded to their request when it opened its plant-based deli in the former Chango Coffee space in Echo Park Avenue.

Vegan continues to attract several eaters and that include Echo Park residents. You do not need to be a vegan, though, if you come and visit the Counterpart Deli. However, when you get a taste of a vegan deli, you would never want to eat your favorite meat deli again.

Plant-Based Deli In Echo Park

A plant-based deli is still rich in protein. However, it is low in saturated fat. This fat is harmful to your overall health. It increases your LDL levels, which also increase your risk of developing heart disease. It also boosts your risk of having a stroke.

Getting a plant-based deli might help in reducing your saturated fat consumption. Unfortunately, a vegan sandwich filling is hard to come by. That’s why Echo Park residents are always looking forward to their ultimate lunchtime at Counterpart Deli. You can visit the restaurant at 1559 Echo Park Ave., Los Angeles, CA.

Who Owns It?

In an Echo Park news, it is reported that the restaurant is owned by Joshua Pourgol and a team from WKNDR in Los Feliz. This is not the only restaurant that Pourgul runs. He also owns Tacos Tu Madre and Bardonna.

What To Expect From Counterpart Deli?

News about Counterpart Deli will always come from its Instagram page. You will find photos of pastrami with Swiss cheese that is of course vegan. Plus, you get several options for meatles salads and other options. After 17 years, Chango closed last year in Echo Park. It was a longtime local hangout. However, the plant-based deli business will surely light up the place. Meanwhile, while you explore Echo Park, you can go and shop around for new homes. Although you can always do it at the comfort of your house, you should consider attending open house events. In that way, you will not wonder whether or not the listing photos are real.

If you are ready to commence hunting for beautiful homes that you can add to your portfolio, you can visit open houses scheduled in the Echo Park area this month. By visiting those houses, you will get an actual feel of what it is like living in that house before you commit to anything. Most houses have more than three bedrooms. The range of the house can go from $1.4M and up. However, you will find a dwelling that comes with two beds and two bathrooms for less than $500,000.

When hunting for houses in Echo Park, make sure that you know how much you can afford. You must have a budget first before you decide on what to buy. Then, make sure to read local news or work with a local real estate agent. In that way, he/she can give you a better deal and knows about the place better than agents who come from NY or other places.

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