The Best Food in Echo Park For Vegans

Best food in Echo Park

Some of the best food in Echo Park is vegan. Even if you love your meat and poultry products, these restaurants will be worth dining in, and on multiple occasions. 

Indeed, the Echo Park food scene has gotten more vibrant over the years. And here is our short list of recommendations for vegan-friendly and plant-based restaurants. 

Sage Vegan Bistro and Brewery

Just by checking out the menu of Sage Plant-Based Bistro and Brewery, you know you’re dealing with a one-of-a-kind place. They use jackfruit for the “meat” of their food items, a lot of which are celiac-friendly. 

And if you love your brewskies, this place has some of the best artisanal beers in the area. They’re made from organic ingredients that make the overall experience a lot different than what you may have had before. 

De Buena Planta

If you haven’t had Mexican-inspired vegan food, then you likely haven’t gone to De Buena Planta yet. Their Bocadillos and Antojitos alone are worth a try, particularly their taquitos de Jaca. 

Adobo jackfruit, black bean and salsa verde? It’s a unique combination you won’t see anywhere. Likewise, De Buena Planta’s cocktail selection offers a unique take on many of everyone’s favourite classics. 

Botanica Restaurant & Market

Now, if you’re looking for your next ideal brunch place, Botanica Restaurant & Market is the place to be. While their menu caters mainly for brunch and dinner, their selection of items is worthy of a visit.

But what makes Botanica Restaurant & Market stand out is their recipe video series where they share the secrets of some of their most popular menu items. Now you can have delectable, restaurant-calibre vegan food in the comfort of your own home. 

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