Best Side Business to Start When at Home in LA

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Side hustles, side businesses – call them what you like – most people today need a side job to increase the income they already have. Some people have a hectic schedule with the job they have, so finding time for a side business might prove to be a hassle. With a bit of motivation and creativity, you can get it right. We look at some cool ideas. 


Cleaning service

Covid-19 has taught us one thing, and that is we need clean, disinfected places. Many people just assume that professional cleaning services are for businesses, but what about people’s houses too? 


Alcohol solutions with bleach are effective for disinfecting surfaces of the virus but you’ll need to research so that you can explain to clients how effective your disinfecting services really are. Do some research and canvas in your community to get your name out there. Have a flyer or brochure that lists your services and pricing, buy some equipment, get a business license and get going. 


Pet beds

Cats and dogs have become highly sought after as dependable companions. Your furry friends deserve a soft bed to rest on. People love the idea of a customized handmade, cute pet beddy-beddy set-up for their best friend.


Making a conventional warm, padded quilt will ensure that people’s fur-friends get a luxuriously padded quilt. Pet lovers will snap these up and love that delivery is included. On your side gig website, you will need to set up payment- and shipping options.  


Accounting services

If your business hours have been cut, and you’re a skilled accountant, offer your accounting services online. With the pandemic, cash is tight and government-support-packages need explaining. 


As a skilled accountant, why not advise new clients on the best choices. With your knowledge and technology expertise, if you want to advance your current status at the office where your hours have been cut back, start offering your accounting services to individuals and businesses. If they can no longer afford the services of large accounting firms, your side business will be a lifeline to them. 


Stay-at-home orders are guaranteed to increase as people see your skills and ability to relay information clearly. 


Ergonomic products

Working from home and sitting so much has seen a much bigger interest in ergonomic accessories. Being uncomfortable and in some pain is debilitating and your work suffers.


Think of how many people are in a similar position to you – working from home in discomfort. A gel cushion is an essential item that can help to provide better posture and prevent issues such as chronic back pain. With this useful product, get your business plan in place for an e-commerce business and start enjoying earning some extra bucks on the side. 


Digital marketing services

Whatever side business you conduct, you’ll need to open an online store. With Covid-19, the potential of e-commerce markets has soared and if you want to get in on the action, you need a website and marketing services. 


Digital marketing provides these online marketing functions you may not be up to. The best digital marketing agency will design a website for you, make known your online presence, include social media marketing, work SEO to get your site ranked and generally develop strategies that maximize profits.


You want to get it right as your e-commerce platform is a very important technological component of your store. 


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