Unwind with Bill’s Liquor Store in Atwater Village

Bill's Liquor Store in Atwater Village


Silverlandia is based in the City of Angels and is home to many Hollywood stars. Los Angeles has warm weather, great hiking paths, skyscrapers, and the ocean all in one. Let alone in our beloved community, there is a ton to do. When the city lights light up the sky, the kids are in bed, and you are finally having a “Me time”, a little trip to the liquor store won’t hurt. When it’s time to let loose and enjoy some quality time with family and friends, let Bill’s Liquor Store in Atwater Village provide the alcohol.

Bill's Liquor Store in Atwater Village

Not many convenience stores have amazing staff or alcohol, sometimes they have neither. Bill’s Liquor in Atwater Village happens to have both. This little vintage-like convenience store is not like any other convenience store with just tall cans or a pack of 6 that you can find in ANY convenience store. Bill’s has a great variety of craft beer, west coast beer, and U.S. breweries/imports. They also have a special mix-and-match 6 beers. So you can try something different. Other than just beer, they also carry wine, whiskey, and overall strong liquor, etc.

Bill's Liquor Store in Atwater Village

Bill’s Liquor Store comes with snacks, liquor, and nevertheless beautiful energy. If you’re ever in the Atwater Village area, this is definitely

a good liquor store to stop by for anything.


Bill’s Liquor Store

3150 Glendale Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90039


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