Bestor Architecture Preaches the Aesthetic Principles of Los Angeles

Bestor Architecture

Nothing defines a city quite as much as its architecture. When thinking about Los Angeles, your first thoughts are probably the houses on the hills, the skyscrapers downtown, or the art deco apartment buildings. Iconic structures such as these are designed by firms like Bestor Architecture. This local favorite is responsible for countless buildings around Los Angeles and they call our very own neighborhood their home. Let us introduce you to Bestor Architecture.

Bestor Architecture

Since 1995, Bestor Architecture has been one of the defining architectural firms of Los Angeles. Founded by Barbara Bestor, their practice “rigorously engages the city through design, art, and urbanism”. What started out as a small architecture firm has gone on to design unique spaces all over the country. Beautiful homes, office spaces, landscapes, restaurants, and headquarters crowd their extensive portfolio. Inspired by the undeniable eclectic nature and unending creativity of the Los Angeles architecture scene, they have developed a distinctive look. It only takes a look at one of their buildings to fall in love with their taste and sensibilities.

A Los Angeles Staple

Silver Lake is no stranger to the architecture scene. The neighborhood is, after all, lined with some of John Lautner’s and Richard Neutra’s masterpieces. This is why Bestor Architecture finds its home in our beautiful neighborhood. They even designed the nearby Silver Lake Conservatory of Music, “which creates a vibrant musical haven by inserting an internal urban village within the shell of a classic Hollywood warehouse”. You can find their headquarters at 2030 Hyperion Ave. They are a firm overflowing with talent, which is why they are an ideal first choice when it comes to creating a unique and creative space. For more information on this iconic architecture firm, visit their website or give them a call at (323) 666-9399.

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